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Go Ahead Season 1 Complete

Go Ahead S01 / In the Name of the Family / Yi Jia Ren Zhi Ming / 以家人之名

Growing up in dysfunctional households, three individuals who are unrelated by blood treat each other like family as they yearn for the love that they cannot find at home. Eldest brother Ling Xiao, second brother He Ziqiu, and youngest sister Li Jianjian grow up together, experiencing life’s joy and strife as they support each other’s chosen paths.

As Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu graduate from high school, they return to their original families. Five years later, the three are reunited, but the heartaches from their complicated family past becomes a shadow that constantly lingers. Can they finally fix their personal issues to become better versions of themselves?

以家人之名ㅡIn The Name of The FamilyㅡGo AheadㅡEpisode 01-40 ENDㅡViki

Uploaded September 10, 2020